Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dilemma of a married women (Thanks Smita for sharing)

I am Smita 28 yrs old house wife, I am married to anil and we lead good life. Having kids was not on our priority list. We have a few common friends and we are cool about flirting with each others friends but nothing on a serious note. Sex was normal between us and we enjoyed it.

Anil's friend Varun relocated himself to Pune. He was a divorcee and we knew the girl whom he was married to for a year, she had an affair and later they split. Anil suggested that he looked for a house near our place so that he gets company and does not feel lost in the new city. I also suggested that he join our gang and who know he might stick a cord with someone in our group.

We used to go out to dinners and parties with friends and Varun got accepted within our friend circle. He is a quite kind of a person but fun to be with. Once we had the diwali party at a friends place, Varun was also invited, we all set out to the party and after reaching there he complimented my looks.

He whispered in my ear "Smita you are going to kill a lot of men tonight" I asked why ? he said wait and watch. I started getting conscious at every men and Varun would give me naughty stare from a distance. We had a good time and as we were heading back Anil refused to drive as he was slightly drunk and Varun had to drive.

As we reached home he helped me out of the car and put his hand around my waist to support me, it was an innocent gesture but it did strike something inside me. As we settled anil said, why don't you sleep here anyway its weekend and he went upstairs to sleep. I made the guest room ready and asked varun to feel at home.

By now I had problems looking straight into his eyes. He asked Smita "Coffee milega" ? I said "sure" He said he can help and followed me to the kitchen, he sat on the kitchen table as I made coffee for both of us. I kept the coffee on the table and said "Let me change" he too went to change and I was thinking what night dress to wear,

I picked up a red night dress with slightly deeper neck and it was just about my knee length.I checked on Anil if he wanted coffee, he was fast asleep, I came down and saw him in Anil's boxers. I said they "fit you well" with a grin. We were having coffee and he looked at me and said "you were the most beautiful women in the party"

I said you made me conscious about this fact and I was conscious looking at every man who was speaking to me, he laughed and and said "i swear! you were the best" He looked at my feet and said you have beautiful legs and in a spontaneous response I asked "Are you checking me out ?" for which he said "yes" with his naughty stare which I could not handle.

I could see his eyes glaring at my 28c/30/34 figure.Now I could feel his leg touch mine under the table, he gently touched my calf muscles with his feet and I slowly pulled back without reaction. he said "sorry" I asked "for what"? he was open in saying " for touching you" I smiled and said so helping me out of the car was also deliberate hmmm, I asked what happened to you Varun ?

He said, "Smita Sorry to say you are irrepressible, I just cant keep my hands off you. Let me be honest here, you have the perfect height 5'4 I guess, I nodded my head, your assets are well built, your body is curvy, your hair, clean hands and feet drives me crazy !! so I end up touching you. I must admit your neck and lips invite me to kiss you.

Saying this he looked straight into my eyes, I just looked down. He asked me "Did you feel bad ? I am being frank here" I kept quite and later said its getting late we should sleep. Saying this I got up and switched off the lights on the ground floor and was heading to the stairs. He came behind me and asked Smita, be honest did you feel bad and held my wrist.

I stepped on the stairs to move and he came along. He pulled me which made me turn around and we were face to face again as he is 6ft tall and I was facing him standing on the stairs. I said "NO" I guess this gave him some extra courage to put his palm around the back of my neck and he came close to me and hugged me with a warm embrace,

I just did not know how to react, I was cold as ice, I whispered hoarsely 'Varun... please...." before I could complete he was breathing on my neck. And kissed me on my neck, while he held me tight around my waist, even if I wanted I could not escape. He pushed me against the wall in this drak stair way and kissed me on my forehead and cheeks and tried kissing on my lips.

I managed to break the hug and ran all the way to my room, and that was it I didnt sleep the whole night thinking of the experience. Next day morning Anil asked me to call Varun for breakfast as his room was closed, I knocked and entered the room to see him asleep, I tried to wake him up but he didn't react, I had just turned around, he just held my wrist in a snap and kissed my hand !

I was shocked, I was like "What are you doing? Anil is here" He was cool about it, I told him to come for breakfast and escaped out of his room. At the breakfast table he was speaking to Anil while his feet was on mine, I was going cold all over my body I just could not take this any more. My husband got a call from an old friend of his and he had to go to meet his old gang.

When Varun also announced that he also was leaving as he had some work, I felt bad and said, 'why don't you have lunch with me and then go anyways Anil is not here for lunch'. Anil left and I locked the door and turned around to see Varun behind me. He held me again by my waist and hugged me tight and told me that I did not let him sleep last night,

next thing he did was slide his hands inside my t-shirt and feel my waist, I just couldn't take it and from nowhere my hands were around his shoulder. He pulled me closer and kissed me all over my neck and bit my shoulder. My breasts were being pressed against his broad chest and I was loosing control all over myself.

He bolted the door and said lets go to your room and I followed him up the stairs where he threw me on the undone bed and hugged me tight. He broke the hug and told me " You are so soft do you mind if I kiss your lips"? he did not wait for my answer I could feel his his lips pressing against mine,

I hesitate and backed out, he did not force me but pulled me closer and gently sucked my lower lip, he was kissing me passionately and I could feel his hands around my waist going down on my thighs as he pulled my legs around him. The hug just got tighter and my nails were digging on his shoulder. He asked me if I was ok?

I said yes coz I was enjoying this new found pleasure inside me. He switched on the AC and covered ourselves in a quilt, and slid his hands inside my tshit to feel my breasts, I did not stop him from here, he was in total control of my body, he slid out the T-shirt and I was in my black bra.

He went down on my cleavage kissing it and sucked all over my breasts over the bra while playing with the other in his wide palm. In a few mins my bra was off my body and he took off his Tshirt too, he had mild hair on his broad chest and it was very cozy as he hugged me to kiss me all over my neck, shoulder, breasts and now he started to suck my nipples one by one as he pinched then slowly.

As he sucked my nipples I arched my body just to be pushed on the bed to be sucked harder again and to be bitten on my breasts gently. He pressed my boobs with care and never did for once feel if he was on a attack mode.In no time my tracks and panties were off my body, I was naked against him.

He was kissing me all over my body starting from my neck all the way down to my navel and waist. I could not handle the tickling feeling on my stomach when his stubble's touched me and let out a moan, this was enough for him to turn me around on my stomach and kissed me all the way down on my spine and later bit my shoulder really hard.

I pleaded, please... Varun stop, but he was not here to listen to me and was licking my back. He stepped out of the bed and dropped his boxers the sight of his already erect cock scared me. It must be 7" in length and thick, It was a sight for me as I had not seen a dick in real life other than Anils which is around 6".

He knelt on the floor and pulled my legs to the edge of the bed, before I could realize he started kissing my inner thighs and was working his tongue to my already wet pussy. He first licked me slowly with the tip of his tongue and started rubbing my clit with his finger and was licking all the way down on my love hole. In pleasure I was pulling his hair and my legs were on his shoulders.

In no time I was released a stream of my love juices in his mouth. He came up and kissed me on my lips and whispered " your turn now" and guided my hand on his warm hard cock. I knelt on the bed and he stood at the edge and guided his monster cock into my mouth and I was licking it and sucking it without any hesitation, It was slightly large for my mouth as I ended up gagging couple of times.

He made me take off my hands from his dick and kept pumping it into my mouth holding my pony tail. He whispered "use your tongue" I told him "dont cum in my mouth I dont like it" He smiled and said " You will like it" and pushed my head deeper on his cock. From his breathing I could realise that he was building up to cum and I was being cautious that he does not cum on me,

and in a second a gush of white semen was in my mouth, he held my head tight and pushed his dick down my throat, I gagged but he did not spare me till he emptied his load down my throat. He pulled some tissues from the bed side and wiped me clean and kissed me on my lips and wiped my tears. He went down to the kitchen and got some juice from the fridge while I covered myself in the quilt.

I drank the juice he offered me with some chocolates. He slid inside the quilt and hugged me tight and asked "did you enjoy" ? I said yes but not the last part, he said " There is no fun when u spit the cum" is part of our relationship so it has to be respected and kissed my lips. I could feel his cock grow on my thighs, he looked at me with a naughty smile and asked shall we ?

And I nodded my head as I was turned on badly with his fingers playing on my nipples and his lips on my neck and lips. He slid his right hand between my legs and started to rub my clit slowly while he kissed my upper body. He went down and licked my navel, encircled my navel with the tip of his tongue and went further down to suck my clit and lick it hard.

I was moaning slowly, I said "Varun ab bus bahut ho gaya" let me go.. he continued to lick so passionately that I could hardly stop him from doing so. I wanted him more. I was turned on he started to slide his middle finger inside as he licked my clit. I just couldn't control myself and pulled him up and told him "I cant take it any more" He said relax and asked 'shall I enter you"?

I did not have an answer, I guess he understood what I wanted, he asked do you have condoms? I told him its in the side table, he took a condom and put it on as I watched him. He pushed me on my back and spread my legs, he was on top of me kissing my lips with lots of passion, I could feel the tip of his cock rubbing all around my pussy.

as he kept teasing me and every time the tip of his cock touched my pussy I would let out a moan. Suddenly he made the move and entered me a bit, I sighed loudly as it came as a surprise to me, while kissing me on my lips and playing with my tongue he kept going deeper and deeper into me. I could feel him touching deep inside where I was not used.

I was moaning and wriggling under him. He started sucking my nipples and started to fuck me slowly occasionally tell me that he loves me. I could feel his dick grow inside me and all the dots on the condom was tickling me driving me to a huge orgasm. He licked the tears from my cheek and continued to fuck me a bit faster, increasing the thrust, I moaned loudly enough for him to hear me.

With every stroke he was going deeper and deeper into me. I was thinking he was about to cum, but he pulled out and turned me around in the doggy position and re-entered without mercy, deep and hard. He held my hair and went on stroking me faster as I kept moaning. He changed multiple positions to make me cum once more.

I was tired but he was not ready to listen he put me back in missionary position, And put my legs on his shoulder and kept stroking me, nearly after 5 mins he started grunting and I could feel his cock pulsating deep inside me as he stroked he was cumming and I felt I was in heaven and I too started to cum hard as this was the most shattering orgasm of my life.

He collapsed on me with his nose in my cleavage. I hugged him with my legs and dug my nails deep inside his skin and bit him hard.He let me go to the washroom while he slept for a while. I dressed up and woke him up for lunch with a kiss. He had a bath and came down to the kitchen, kissed me and we had lunch, he left post lunch.

I went had my bath by the time Anil was back. I was feeling guilty for what I did, I could not have sex with Anil for a week before I could reconcile. We had a few more sessions after our first encounter. Its been a year now Varun moved to Bangalore with a new job.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sexy adventure with a co-worker in plane

Rasika worked as a recruitment head in my company. Being an India head of a multinational IT company, I had almost daily interaction with Rasika. She was a very decent Gujarati lady, married to a successful businessman. Raskia's was a joint family. They were very conservative.
Despite of being in mid 30's and mother of 2, Rasika had a very good physique. She was 5-5'', had long silky hair and big eyes. Her complexion was very fair. The way Rasika dressed was very conservative wearing a typical salwaar kameez.
Rasika was very efficient in her work. She had recruited top notch employees in our company. In our meetings, I used to find her assertive. I enjoyed working with her and since we had very frequent interaction, we had also developed a good friendship.
We had also met each others' families. Slowly, as our friendship grew, we started talking about our personal matters to0. From such conversations, I had guessed that Rasika, though a happy looking lady,
was not exactly very happy in her life. Her husband was a typical Indian husband expecting his wife to do all household chores after returning from work. And being from a joint family, there was lot of work to do at home.
Rasika and I spent lot of time together at work. Probably more time than we would have spent with our spouses. Naturally, we were very close. We ate lunch together, had our afternoon tea together either in my cabin or her cabin.
During such light moments at work, we also flirted with each other. We both enjoyed it. It was just about six months when I and Rasika were invited at our corporate headquarters to discuss future growth of the company in India.
We were booked into a business class. It was Rasika's first trip. Her family was not ready to let her travel, but my assurance to her father in law that I will take care of her had helped. Rasika's entire family had come to see her off at the airport.
Being a usual traveler, I was all by myself. We completed the check-in and headed towards the gates. Rasika was very excited. She had worn a business skirt and a shirt covered by blazer. I had always seen Raskia in Indian attire.
She was really looking gorgeous in this new form. I complimented her new looks. She smiled and said "Thanks Sanjay! It was very hard to convince my family". "I can guess" I said. Since we had some time before the boarding began,
we entered the maharaja lounge at the airport and occupied a comfortable sofa. For some reason, the lounge air-conditioner was not working. Rasika was feeling a bit too warm and hence she took off the blazer she was wearing.
That was the first time I noticed that the shirt she was wearing was sleeveless. I stunningly looked at her. She realized that and smiled at me and said "What happened to you Sanjay? You are looking at me as if you never saw me before".
I said, "Well, I have never seen you before like this! What a transformation from a kurta paijama woman to sleeveless top, skirt wearing modern career girl!" Rasika smiled and asked "So, how do I look?" "Do you want a straightforward answer or a diplomatic answer?"
I asked. "Come on, don't tease me now. Tell me what you really think!". "If you want my true answer, you look sexy!" Rasika blushed. Rasika picked up a travel magazine lying on a table and started browsing through it.
I was still looking at her. She had a smooth complexion. Her bare arms were looking truly sexy. I also noticed her smooth legs. I had never seen these parts of Rasika's body in past. Rasika noticed that I was still staring at her.
She asked "Excuse me, what are you looking at?" I told her "To be frank Rasika, you are torturing me. A beautiful woman wearing sexy clothes like these is going to sit next to me for 18 hours and I am expected to stay calm!
That's a torture!" Raskia rolled her tongue in her cheeks and gave me a seducing look and said, "You deserve even more torture naughty man!" and pinched my nose lightly. I enjoyed the way she pinched my nose.
Within few minutes, we boarded the plane. Our seats were in business class section on the upper deck of the plane. The air hostess asked Raskia to hand over the jacket to be hung neatly in a coat closet. Raskia gave it to her.
I was pleased to see that. She was going to sit next to me for 18 hours wearing the sleeveless blouse and business skirt. The blazer was not going to obstruct my view of her sexy figure. Rasika took the window seat and I sat next to her.
In about half an hour, the plane took off. I looked around to find out that the business class had very few passengers. I and Rasika started chatting. While chatting, I tried hard not to stare at Rasika's body. Raskia had noticed that, but she did not show any disapproval.
As the plane took the desired altitude we were served lunch. After clearing the meal trays, air hostesses dimmed the lights. We both switched on our personal tv's to check out what movies were playing, but got bored with the idiot box
soon enough and shut it off and continued the chatting. I noticed that Rasika was rubbing her neck with hand while talking and at one point while rubbing her neck, she very subtly unopened her shirts top button. I got the glimpse of her cleavage. I could not set my eyes off of her.
Now Raskia adjusted her sitting position. I also noticed her adjusting her shirt such that the shirt's opening widened a bit. I looked at her and raised my eyebrows. She responded by a naughty wink and whispered
"I told you! you deserved more torture". It was a clear signal to me that this plane ride was no way going to be boring. I told her "This torture is better than what the TV is doing. I am ready for more" and I winked.
Now Rasika looked out of the window but she had put her hand into her shirt. She adjusted the opening to give me more view of her cleavage. She also sat crossed legs and and pulled her skirt to give me a view of her bare thigh,
just about 1 inch above her knee. I was aroused. I whispered in her ears, "Can I put hand on your lap?" She looked at me and indicated her permission through her eyes. I now put my hand on her lap. I pressed it gently. I could sense Rasika breathing a bit heavily.
I pulled her skirt a bit to expose her thigh. Rasika looked around to make sure no one was aware of the happenings and then she moved closer to me. She looked in my eyes and positioned her lips hinting me to kiss. I swiftly obliged.
I held her face and kissed her lips. She opened her lips to let my tongue slide inside to chase her tongue. Her hand had moved over her groins. Our noses rubbed against each other. Our eyes were closed. Our friendship of all these months was turning into intimacy.
I must confess, I had not experienced so much of intensity whenever I kissed my own beloved wife. After a couple or so minutes, we parted from the kissing position and sat straight in our seats. Rasika was still breathing heavily.
I had rested my chair against the embedded pillow in the seat, and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes after a few minutes too look at Rasika to realize that she was staring at me. Her breathing was back to normal. As I opened my eyes, she held my hand and tapped it.
She whispered "Great kiss!" I smiled and said "Thanks! no once more?" She again looked around to make sure no one would notice and then gave me a go ahead. We again kissed. This time I had put my hand over her breast while kissing her. I could notice her nipple getting erect.
I was now getting hornier. Rasika pulled a blanket kept in a seat pocket and covered herself. My hand was still over her breast. She sat straight and with her both hands backwards, unhooked her bra and moved back.
I could feel her bra loosening as my hand was still on her breasts. Rasika now unbuttoned one more button of her top and held my hand, pushed her bra up and kept my hand on her right breast. I was directly touching her breast.
I couldn't believe that I was touching a bare breast of my friend and a office colleague, who was always clad clothes covering her body. And that too in a airplane. I pressed her breast and moved my fingers towards her nipple. It was erect.
Rasika had closed her eyes and her hand was between her groins. I whispered in her ears "I want to see it". She opened her eyes and looked at me with question mark. I pressed her breast and said, "Please, I want to see it".
Rasika again made sure that no one was looking. Everyone on flight was sleeping. The air hostess and retired to their designated area. She slowly pulled the blanket down and revealed her bare breast peeking from her shirt to me.
It was a well rounded, 34C, very fair in color. She had pink areola. I couldn't resist myself and bend down to kiss her beautiful breast. I licked her nipples and sucked them. I could feel her heavy breathing.
She let me play with it for few minutes before she pushed me away sensing a passenger ahead of us getting up from his seat. He was heading to a toilet. We sat back in our seats waiting for the passenger to return from the toilet.
Rasika had covered herself in a blanket. I could figure out that she was stimulating herself. After the passenger returned to his seat, we continued. This time, I put my hand between her legs and I started stimulating her clitoris.
Rasika was biting her lower lip and holding back the urge to moan. In a while, I could see her getting an orgasm. Now, I couldn't hold myself either. I got up and went to the toilet. I pulled my pants down. The toilet was cramped so I could not have let my sperm squirt freely.
So I wrapped my penis with toilet paper and rubbed it until I ejaculated. By the time, I returned to the seat, Rasika had tidied up herself and switched on the TV. I settled in my seat and took a nap. I was awaken by the air hostess handing out the dinner menu.
We informed her of our choices. After the dinner was cleared up, I took Rasika's hand and asked her "How are you feeling?" Rasika smiled and said "Very nice!" I pressed her hand and bent towards her and whispered "You are wild!"
Rasika blushed and said, "So are you naughty boy!" I asked her how come she suddenly became so bold. Rasika told me how she was suppressed in her married life. The burden of acting conservative in front of in-laws,
no co-operation from husband and his frequent trips left Rasika with much to desire from her sexual life. She had already become a mother of one girl before her marriage anniversary. Then first four years passed by just taking care of the daughter,
balancing career and home front and whenever her husband was home, serving to his sexual needs with no time to get aroused. It was during this time she said, she met me at work. Whenever we talked personal lives,
she had realized how satisfied I and my wife were in our sexual life. I had once told her how I had a thing for bold, wild women and my wife was not like that. That's why she had decided to make her move to seduce me.
I asked her why she thought I would be seduced. She laughed and said "Come on Sanjay! I know you very well. Besides you are a man after all." We both laughed. "So what is next in life for two of us?" I became serious.
Apparently, Rasika was well prepared for the question. She said, "Let's just enjoy together whenever we can. But it should not interfere with our married life. No too much of commitment okay?" I nodded and said, "Oh! so we are corporate virtual couple!"
"What is that?" asked Rasika. I told her about an article by someone who came up with this new term about the married men and women working together and spending more time and hence developing a strange bond.
She smiled, strangled her hand in mine and said, "Yes! you are my virtual husband!" and we both laughed. By now, the lights were dimmed. The passengers around us were dozing. We still had about 8 hours to go in a flight.
I played with the hand-rest between me and Rasika to see if it could be removed, but since it was a business class seat, the hand rest was fixated to the floor. Rasika took a couple of pillows and placed them on the had rest.
Now she turned such that her back rested on the pillows and her head rested against my flank. The seats being wide, she could easily take her legs up and rest against the hand rest by the window. I had now put my hand over her chest.
She covered her lower side with the blanket. I unbuttoned first 2 buttons of her blouse and put my fingers between her cleavage. Raskia unhooked her bra and took it off through her shirt. I bent down to kiss her lips first and then stretched forward to kiss
her breasts and then lick her nipples. I played with her breasts for a while. She was stimulating herself. Almost all the passengers in the business class were sleeping. The aircraft was cruising at a steady pace and the only noise we could hear was of the engines.
I decided to get bolder. I asked Rasika to get up. Rasika looked at me with a question mark. I whispered "Let's have a quickie" She looked at me puzzled and asked me how I planned to do that. I said " Let me sit in the window seat. You come over my laps.
Rasika buttoned her shirts and got up from the seat. She again made sure there it was safe. She stood in the aisle and I shifted in the window seat. I put my pants down and signaled Rasika. She first sat in the aisle seat and removed her pantie under the skirt.
Now she took the blanket and came over my laps. She covered her front with the blanket. I was feeling Rasika's bare, well rounded buttocks rested against my hairy groins. I had never imagined I would be feeling this shy, often overdressed simple girl's bare buttocks.
And here I was, with my erect penis rubbed against her bare skin. My hands were on her thighs. I moved my right hand over her clit and rubbed it with my fingers. I moved my left hand up, inside her shirt, cupping her left breast. Rasika bent backwards and turned her neck.
She kissed me and then rested her head against my shoulder. I now started stimulating her clitoris and the left nipple same time. She moved back and forth to rub my penis against her bare buttocks. I could feel a gush of wetness around her vagina.
I asked her to lift her buttocks so that I could enter inside her vagina. She did so. Now Rasika had held the seat in front of her and started stroking up and down. I was holding the side of her buttocks. It was a very hot feeling.
Within few minutes, I could feel contractions inside her vagina. I too had reached the point of no return I pulled Rasika closer to me and held her tight against my groins. My penis was deep inside her. Within few jerks my sperm squirted inside her vagina.
I could feel her tightening around my penis. We just sat like that for a moment before Rasika got up and sat in my seat and wore her pantie. I too pulled my pants up. Rasika picked up her bra shoved between the seat and hand rest and went to the toilet for changing. I too got up and went to the backside toilets. We had lot of cleanup to do.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mysterious Neighbour- Wild night

The incident I am going to narrate occurred around five years back while we were living in Mumbai. My husband was working as a junior civil engineer in the PWD and we were putting up at the staff quarter allotted to him in the Mumbai suburbs. I am 29 and a housewife. At the time of this incident, we were two years into our marriage. I am 5'3" and my vital stats are 32-28-34. I keep long hair and usually wear a saree. Although on occasions I also sport suits and skirts. We were new in the colony and were given a flat at the top floor. Those were four-story official flats. Each floor had two flats facing each other in the common staircase. Soon after we moved in, we were introduced to our immediate neighbors. Mhatres were a typical Maharashtrian family. Mr Mhatre worked in the electrical department and was quite senior to my husband. The couple were in their late forties. His wife was a nice lady who would often drop in for a chat and help me out with small household chores. The Mhatres were married quite early on and had three kids- all married and settled off. The kids had their own families and the Mhatres lived all alone. After a few months, my husband was shifted to a project that required him to report for night-shifts. In the beginning it was quite a pain but we soon got used to it. He would often leave bang in middle of the night only to be back late morning or early afternoon. During that time, I was undergoing medication and was taking sedatives or sleeping pills as they are commonly called. So as not to disturb me while leaving, he would often lock the door of our flat from outside and leave the keys with our neighbors- the Mhatres. It was the month of November and Mrs Mhatre had gone to visit her elder son who was living in Hyderabad. I took my medication and went to bed at the usual time of around 9:30 pm. My husband usually left around midnight while leaving the keys with Mr. Mhatre. Since I had been taking the sedatives for quite some time, the effect was not very strong and I could faintly make out the usual noises that my husband made while leaving for work. That day, my husband left for the site at the usual time and I could make out the sound of him locking the door from the outside. He wasn't gone for too long when I heard somebody unlocking the door. Being under the influence of sedatives, I could hear the voices clearly but could not fully comprehend or consciously react to the situation. After getting in, the person locked the door and slowly walked to our bedroom. After some time, I felt my blanket being slowly pulled off. I was lying on my stomach wearing my sheer nighty. I was not wearing anything underneath. After completely removing my blanket, a pair of hands started to pull up my nighty. I could vaguely feel that the back of my thighs were fully exposed and somebody was licking and caressing my milky thighs. A hand slowly started to move up between my legs and covered my hairy twat and slowly started stroking my wet pussy. I was moaning in pleasure in a semi-conscious trance and reacting to each and every move like an animal in lust. After some caressing, I was turned around on the bed and a mouth took its place between my legs. I could make out that the person eating my wet pussy had a mustache as it rubbed on my swollen clit thereby giving me wave after wave of intense pleasure. My pussy was salivating and a hungry mouth was lapping it all up while rubbing my clit and stimulating the flow even more. In no time, I began to feel uncontrollable spasms in my pelvic region followed by wave after wave of intense pleasure flowing through my head to toe. My naked body was covered in a thin film of sweat while I was catching up on my breath while lying on the bed. This foreplay lubed me sufficiently for the penetration that was about to follow. I could feel a pair of hands pulling up my nighty further and taking it off my head. I felt a breeze of cool air on my exposed pussy as I lay completely naked spread-eagled on the bed. A cock was thrust in my pussy with a popping sound. It didn't have any problem sliding in all the way as my cunt was dripping wet as a result of the oral action it had just received. The shaft pistoned in and out of my snatch for what seemed like an eternity before shooting spasm after spasm of hot cum inside my unprotected womb. I could feel the hot cum leaking out of my freshly fucked pussy. As I lay catching up on my breath, I slowly regained my senses and heard a weak sound of our main door being locked from the outside. This steamy session drained me of all my energies and in no time, I dozed off into deep sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was lying stark naked on my bed and my head was still heavy from the sedatives I had taken the previous night. I could recall the outline of the events that occurred last night but it felt like part dream and part reality- or somewhere in between. The only physical sign of the sexual encounter was a patch of dried cum around my pussy but that too could have been an overflow of my own juices in a sexually aroused semi-conscious state- what guys call a wet dream. By the way, my husband is clean shaven and Mr. Mhatre is the only one around who sports a thick beard. To this day I am not sure whether our neighbor Mr. Mhatre knocked me off that night or was it just a wild dream of mine. We are still good neighbors but at times, Mr. Mhatre's gaze confirms my worst fears.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Real story of a married woman cheating on her husband

My name is Kavita and I am a 30 year old married professional woman living in Delhi, India. I work in an MNC and Raj, my husband, is a fairly successful businessman. We have been married for 3 years and you can say we are as happy as an average married couple. We have our ups and downs, good days and bad days,
so to the words I am a typical Indian woman taking take of her husband and household. However, the truth is far from that. I have always been a fun loving personality. I was and still am outgoing, not the shy types, and always enjoyed interacting with people. Social events like parties are always a pleasure for me. There is no substitute for good company.
You only live once and you shouldn't let the best in life pass you by. However I always had a moral compass based on my belief in God and my upbringing, culture and traditions. Which is why, even though I am considered beautiful by those who know me, I never had any affairs during my single days.
For those who are interested, I am 5'9 (tall by Indian standards for a woman), fair, long straight black hair, slim yet curvy in the right places. I believed in the goodness of people and now I know that was my own naivety and perhaps the reason of the change in my life. During my single days, one of closest friends was Neha. She and I were always inseparable.
We shared a similar zest for life and while I was not the shy types, Neha was even more outgoing than me. Social events, parties, shipping, or traveling, we always did everything together. As fate would have it, we also got engaged around the same time. I was engaged to Raj around the same time Arun came into Neha's life.
Both of our marriages were arranged by the family as per the usual custom in India. Due to family timings, Neha got married four months before I did. After marriage, when she and I would hang out, she would talk to be about her married life and of course sex was discussed. Apparently Arun was very good, and Neha was completely satisfied in that department.
He has opened a new door for her and Neha being outgoing had easily acclimated herself to it. We didn't go into too much detail, but there was enough teasing and chiding form both of us to make me really look forward to my wedding night. I was a few months into my 26th year, when I got married to Raj and the wedding wonderful. Our wedding night too was very memorable.
Raj was a very understanding husband and lover. Sensing my nervousness, he didn't force or pressure me into sex, which made me feel very happy. He talked a lot about each other desires and fantasies and the first night was spent kissing, caressing and massaging each other. The next night is when we consummated out marriage
and sex was everything I imagined it would be. Raj was a very good lover and made sure I enjoyed our sexual union as much as he did. Our honeymoon (where was the honey moon?). Our honeymoon phase, as we call is here, lasted for 6 months. Everything was great, life was beautiful and sex was always amazingly hot.
The more I had sex the more I wanted it. But as the saying goes, all good things must end. After six months, Raj's work demands started to take over his time. He was taking frequent trips out of town and often out of the country. So along with work, I used to spent a lot of time with Neha. Arun too would take trip out of town for his work, but not as frequently as Raj.
So when the husband were out, Neha and I spent time together catching up, talking about married life and comparing notes. Yes, again in not much detail (I was the reluctant one) but again enough to get a mental picture. Neha would tell me all that she and Arun had tried and how open minded and kinky Arun would get at times.
This got me curious and I often prompted her on what she meant by kinky, and Neha confided that she and her husband often watched softcore and hardcore porn movies together, he would blindfold her and at times tie her up during sex. I would often get flushed hearing this.
One day, while our husband were in town, Neha and I were having coffee at her place and she playfully suggested if I anted to watch one of the porn DVDs. Not to turn away from such an offer, I said sure and she popped in the DVD. It was a very erotic, and my first exposure to an X-rated movie.
Neha and I were sitting together and it was obvious and it was having an effect on both of us. Neha started to gently touch my thigh and I started rubbing her back. Neha and I were close enough that we didn't mind this at all. WE continued to gently and teasingly caress each other but never took off each other clothes – just touched and rubbed over them.
When the DVD ended, both of us were very horny, so I said my good byes, went home and waiting for Raj to come in. As soon as he did, I got on him and almost ripped his clothes off. That night Raj and I had amazing sex. Watching the porn movie had ignited a lust in me that ever surprised Raj, and we had sex 3 or 4 times that night.
By the time we were done, both of us were sweaty, panting and exhausted. There were red marks on our bodies were we had given each other love bites. My breasts and nipples were sore form Raj's onslaught and my pussy was continuously throbbing. Even today, the thought of that night, makes me tingle all over.
The next day, when Neha and I talked, I found that she too had had an amazing night with Arun – one of the best. After talking for a little bit, we decided to make this a weekly routine to watch a DVD together and then have sex with our husbands. So the deal was to do it when our husbands were in town.
Sometimes we watched it at her place, and sometimes mine, but every time we would watch together and get very aroused and have amazing sex with our husbands. While watching the DVDs Neha and I would caress each other over our clothes, and a few times when we were too horny, we even kissed each other, but never more.
We knew that that moment our clothes came of, then we would not be able to control ourselves, and this was not an area we wanted to go to. Our husband never complained nor at any reason to. They were very satisfied at the quantity and quality of sex.
About 2-3 months after this routine started, I went to Neha's to watch a movie. It was a change of plan from my place to hers since I had an out of ton relative staying at my place. When I got there, I found that Neha had to go out of town since her cousin had been in an accident. Also she said that she wasn't going to be able to watch anyway,
since Arun had been called to an Emergency meeting in Mumbai and would be returning the next day. Since I was already there, I asked her if I could watch the DVD on my own and told her of my relative at my palace. Neha completely understood and gave me her house keys, which I could return when she got back.
Arun had his own set of keys so I didn't have to worry about him when he came back the next day. When Neha left, I closed the main door behind her, turned off the main lights, and shut the curtains. Then I played the DVD and sat on the sofa. As the scenes of the porn movie progressed and hot increasingly erotic, I also got aroused.
I had turned up the volume a little more than usual and as the moans and groans of the people filled my ears; my hands started caressing my body on their own. I don't remember exactly when, but my started taking of my clothing one by one. The top came off first followed by my jeans. I continued caressing my body,
rubbing my breasts and my nipples were hard and poking out. (describe breast size and nipples). I took off my bra and freed my firm breasts. They were slowly getting red from my fingers. As the sex in the movie got very intense, my pussy started oozing its juices wetting and soaking my panties.
Not being able to stand it any longer, I took off my wet panties which were now sticking to my pussy lips as I pulled them down. I was lost in my own ecstatic world. My finger were caressing my breasts, and twisting my nipples. The hard nipples were sticking out as I pinched and twisted them.
Every time I pulled on them and release, ripples of pleasure went through my breasts. My other hand was between my legs, gently moving my finger up and down my slit. I moved my finger up and around my clit and then down my slit letting my pussy lips open on their own. My juies were seeping down of my hole and down my asscrack and my clit was throbbing at my every touch.
My whole body was hot and I could feel my face flush. Suddenly the DVD got stuck and in my frustrated I got up and weto the the DVD player and took out the dvd. I cleaned the dvd and the player again with a tissue and played it again. To my relief the DVD started working again and I started backing towards the Sofa with my eyes fixed on the DVD.
I didn't want to loose my euphorics state and didn't want to miss a single scene. As I was walking back, I got a shock that made me scream and my heart stopped for an instant. I felt someone grab me tightly from behind and forced me to sit on his lap. I could feel that he was completely nude, and his hard cock was pushing against my body.
The heat emanating from his person was incredible and the rubbing on his cock on my body had put my brain in panic mode. I had no idea what was going on or what to do. Suddenly I felt a hot pair of lips kissing my neck and down my back. I struggled to moves but couldn't. My body had started sweating.
I felt him pull me closer as his lips continued to kiss my back and my neck. Then I felt his hard cock move from my thigh and touch my pussy lips. Then I just screamed. "Please let me go!" Suddenly I was free and I jumped up and turned to face my attacker. It was Arun, and he was naked, hard and smiling.
Instinctively my hands flow over my body making a futile attempt to cover my hard nipples and dripping pussy. "What are you doing here?" I stammered. "My meeting was cancelled, so I decided to come home early." He said casually, "Seems like it was a good idea that I did." He was eyes me all over my naked body, the lust in his eyes obvious.
I reached for my scattered clothes on the floor but Arun was two quick for me and grabbed them away from my reach. "Why are you doing this?" I asked, my heart beating in my ears, my mind in danger of shutting down due to panic. "What do you want, Arun" "Do you even have to ask?" He said with an ominous voice and suddenly completely the distance between is in a heartbeat.
Arun is a strong man, and before I realized what happened, he had both of my hands pinned behind me with only one of his hands. With the other hand, he gently played with my hair, moving them out of my eyes. Some of the hairs were stuck to my forehead since I had become very hot while watching the porn movie.
He moves his hand to the side of my face and caressed my cheek. His touch was gentle but his grip on my hands was very strong. He was so close to me that my voice was gone from my throat and I couldn't say anything. Couldn't stop him, couldn't scream, just felt his touch.
His semi hard cock was touching my belly and I could feel drops of pre-cum touching my skin and evening seeping into my deep navel. Arun's fingers continued the exploration of my face, his fingering outlining my face, my eyes, my check bone, my jaw line and then my lips. His gripping hand pulled me a little higher till I was on my tip-toes, bringing my face closer to his mouth.
His cock was now getting harder and I could feel him rubbing on my pubic bone over my neatly trimmed pubic hair. I don't if it was because I had been masturbating earlier and not finished, or because Arun was a powerful and strong man, but I am ashamed to admit that when I felt his cock near my opening, my pussy twitched with desire.
Arun licked him lips with his tongue and with his free hand pulled my hair back. My neck arched back from the force, and he leaned in planted his lips on me. I was surprised at how gently the kiss was. He pressed his lips softly at first, gently kissing me, and slowly sucking on my lips. His kisses were caring, loving, and not at all what I expected.
This sudden shift of aggression confused me so much that I unknowingly started to respond to his kisses. He parted my lips with his and soon the kisses became more and more passionate. His tongue slipped into my mouth and his lips moved all over mine. I felt his cock get hard and push on my pubic bone.
Trickles of his precum were seeping into my hair and the wetness was making my pussy remember the lust it was feeling a few moments ago. Arun's kisses slowly got more aggressive. His tongue was snaking into my mouth which was wide open for him. He kissed my whole face and then back to my lips. This time he sucked on my lips harder and was biting on them gently.
The pain of one hard bite pulled me out of my trance and back to reality. This was wrong, and it had to stop. Arun sensed my change of mood and before I could react, he picked me up in his staring arms and took me to his bedroom. I braced myself and closed my eyes, expecting the worst when I felt he put me down and turned me around, so he was no behind me.
I opened my eyes and say myself reflected in a full length mirror that showed me completely in my nakedness. I saw Arun behind me holding my hand with his. His free hand now slipped around my waist and was gently caressing my belly. "Look at yourself Kavita?" He whispered in my ear. "See how beautiful and sexy you look. You have an amazing figure."
"Please don't do this Arun." I whispered. "Do what, Kavita?" Arun whispered with a smile. "Please let me go." I pleadingly whispered. "But you want this," Arun replied soothingly. "I saw you lying naked on the sofa fingering yourself. Your fingers were wet with your juices and when u licked of your own juices, I knew you were horny and in need for a good fuck."
"Please don't say that" I pleaded again, unable to deny the truth of his words. I was horny, I was masturbating, and I was in need for a good fuck, but only from Raj. This wasn't right, but I could make my self scream that reality. Arun's moved his finger up and down my belly, gently caressing it. He kissed my neck and gently sucked on the skin.
His finger was encircling my deep navel and he slowly licked up to my ear and then down back to my neck. He then blew a warm breath on the wet skin and gently pressed his finger into my navel. Arun was slowly breaking my resolve and the unexpected sigh that escaped my lips was Arun confirmation of that fact.
He moved his hand lower and started pressing his palm on my pubic bone. He pulled me close to him and his hard cock was poking my lover back. Arun's was really horny and his pre-cum was dripping from his cock to my back and down my ass crack. The pressure and movement of his palm on my pubic bone and hair was sending subtle vibrations to my pussy
and again it has started to awaken. It was getting wetter and my nipples were again slowly getting hard. My mind was reminding me of my morals, my vows, and values, but my body was no longer listening. My body wanted pleasure and release. Arun suddenly pinned me to the wall next to the mirror. He moved my hands over my head and started kissed my again.
His hard cock was poking my belly, almost filling my navel with his precum. His kisses were very hot, passionate and aggressive. He kissed my neck like before but this time he kissed down to my chest and down to my cleavage. "You have such lovely breasts. Raj is a lucky man." Arun's eyes were filled with a lust and fire I had not seen before. Not even in Raj.
All the stories that Neha used to tell me about them especially where Arun got aggressive were all sounding true. He moved his hand to my breasts and fondled it tenderly. He closed his thumb and finger around the nipple. Then he pinched almost violently. Another sharp jolt seemed to go through my body. He squeezed my nipple again, hard.
My pussy reacted with an involuntary spasm. I fought to free my wrists from his grip. But he was too strong. He started kissing the soft flesh of my breasts aggressively, sucking in the skin and biting them. He was leaving bite marks on my breasts as if he was marking them as his territory. What was Raj going to say, I didn't know, but my body didn't care.
His free hand cupped my breast and he took the nipple in his mouth. His mouth was so hot, I felt it would burn my skin. He was sucking in my breast as much as he could and licked his tongue all over the nipple. He pulled his head back, letting the breasts slip out, till the nipples was between his teeth and then he gently bit on it.
Shorts of pain as well as pleasure rippled though my body and another moan escaped my mouth. Arun heard it and then moved to my other breast. I looked down and saw my first breast was shiny, read and puffy from Arun's aggressiveness. By this time my pussy was so wet that drops of my juices were tricking out of my pussy and down my thigh.
Arun continued his onslaught on my other breast, sucking on it, pulling on it, biting it. Raj has never been so aggressive with me, and I was enjoyed this despite the circumstances. "You liked that didn't you?" Arun asked letting my breasts out of his mouth. Both my breasts were not completely red and swelled, and moving up and down with each breath.
I looked at Arun who also breathing heavier than before and had a lusty smile. Even though denial would have been the perfect thing to do at that time, a person like Arun would have easily known that I was lying. My body was too far gone and my enjoyment was now becoming evident. I simply nodded slowly in response.
"You are still not ready yet my dear. We still have more to come." Arun smiled. Arun's comment both shocked and intrigued me. What else was left? He had broken my resolve. He could have done anything he wanted right now I wouldn't have objected. And I was sure an experienced man like Arun knew it. So what more did he want?
Arun was now sittin on his knees and loving my lower body. He was planiting small butterfly kissing on my thighs, and licking small trails up and down. Now and again he would bite my soft skin and each time an involuntary moan would escape my lips. His face was right aobe my crotch and he was likcing slowly across the bend/joint where the thighs meet my body.
I could feel his hot breathe on my pussy and I knew he was deliberately slow. He wanted to break my resolve completely and he wanted me to beg. That was going to be his power over me, but I wasn't going to let him do that. I was going to maintain my dignity. But as much as I wanted to stop, my moans kept escaping my lips.
And even though I couldn't see his face, I would imagine his smile. Then I felt it; his tongue on my lips. It was a slow broad stroke that sent jolts of pleasure though my pussy, up my spine and exploded in my brain. I bit my lips hand to stop from enjoying the sheer pleasure. My whole body shivered and I felt week in my knees.
With one stoke on his magic tongue, My pussy started oozing more juices than do in a whole night with Raj. Then I felt his fingers work their way to between my legs my pussy. I held my legs together, not allowing him such full and intimate to my most private part. His knee pried its way between my legs, forcing me to open up, making myself accessible, even against my will.
I knew I couldn't let him touch my secret part. If he did, then he'd know. He'd know that I was already wet. He'd know that my pussy wasn't listening to my mind. His finger traced a line along my pussy lips. He stroked there, not attempting entry, just teasing my entrance. Then I felt his fingers open my lips with his finger of both hands. My body seemed to open to him like a flower.
The dampness that was in me started rolling down my thighs. Suddenly the room was permeated with my smell. My mind was fighting this intrusion, but my body betrayed me. It was welcoming, eager. Only then did the realization hit me. Arun was using both hands on my pussy, so right now my hands were free. Even then I didn't move them. I wanted to, but couldn't.
I could move my hands, to push him away. His tongue then traced the glistening slit on my open pussy. "Oh God!" I moaned loudly as my fingers scratched the walls. I tried to look down at him but his face was buried between my legs. His tongue enjoying my womanhood, invading my, using me, and taking full advantage of my vulnerability and desire.
Making his tongue flat, Arun ran his tongue the full length of my slit up and down several times. He spread the outer lips apart more with both of his thumbs, and I felt my pussy was wide open in front of him. I looked down in shame and lust and was Arun sticking his tongue out again. He was pointing it right at my clit. Slowly he circled his tongue around it, and I started seeing stars.
I finally moved my hands to Arun, but rather than pushing him away, I placed my hands on his head and pulled him deeper in. I didn't say anything. If I don't say it, then I'm not making it happen! Arun continues to gently nibble on my and by now I was moaning with every stroke of him tongue. Encouraged Arun planted his open my mouth over my pussy, and began to suck.
His tongue snaked into my hole and started to trace the opening. I felt my knees weaken as Arun's tongue entered by open hole. He moves his hand back and grabbed my ass, holding my up and my knees started to give out. As much as I didn't want to give Arun the Satisfaction of it, I knew I was going to cum any second.
He was rubbing his clit with his lips and fucking my pussy with his tongue. My pussy was flowing profusely and Arun must have been gulping down every drop. Suddenly my whole world exploded and I came with thunderous force. I pushed down into his mouth and let out a muffled scream through bitten lips as I came into his mouth.
My nails were digging into his skull but Arun still didn't stop. I came in waves and my legs completely gave away. I don't know what happened next, if I had passed out or not, but the next thing I remember was lying on the bed with Arun on top of me. He was kissing my lips and I could taste my own juices on his lips.
"I'm going to fuck you now Kavita!" He whispered in my ear. His cock was touching my wet pussy and the heat emanating from it was incredible. This was still wrong and I tried moving away from that huge male organ, but there was nowhere for me to go. My legs were spread and open with his knees holding them apart.
I felt the head of his penis slide across the mouth of my pussy. My mind was somewhere between absolute panic and total lust. The head of his cock found its way between my cunt lips. His prick followed my movements and suddenly forced its way several inches into my body. I was gasping for breath. I was in the grip of some primal emotion. It may have been fear.
Perhaps not. He slid out to the end again. This time my body moved with him, like it didn't want to feel him leave my confines. Arun slammed into me burying the full length of his massive member deep into my body. He pulled out, then drove in again. The power of his thrusts caused an almost violent reaction in my body, as it met his thrusts with powerful thrusts of its own.
He fondled my breasts like they were his personal sex toy, tweaking the nipples, then biting them, sucking them. I felt I was being overwhelmed. I tried to regain control. I told myself that I would absolutely never have an orgasm this way. I couldn't let him know that he had read me right. My hips were now rolling with his every move, trying to keep his prick deeply in my pussy.
My eyes were back in my head, my mouth was open, I was panting, moaning. My resolve to keep calm, to keep from climaxing, was being sorely tested. "Oh god" I moaned since I really needed to cum. It seemed my whole being was centered on that huge prick splitting open my pussy, almost like it was the first time.
I may as well have been a virgin, since Arun was reaching places that Raj hadn't even known existed. Suddenly my wrists were free. Arun had let them go so he could clutch my face with both hands and bury his tongue in my mouth. My hands didn't push him away. Instead they clawed down his back, pulling him closer, scratching wildly.
They were out of my control. My body had become a vessel for his use. I heard the screaming and I knew it was my own. His bent down to kiss my neck again. His ear was right by my lips. I couldn't help it. "Fuck me, Arun. Fuck me harder. Stick it in me. Make me come. Oh, God! I'm coming. God! Ohhh!" I whispered, then screamed.
I felt Arun's prick erupt with a flood of sperm. He emptied string after string of cum against my cervix. I couldn't help it, I kept coming and coming. My climax lasted for minutes, I know it did. The charge that ran between my head and my cunt had my pussy walls clenching and unclenching around Arun's now softening prick.
Finally though panting lips, Arun kissed me and pulled out. I felt his cum ooze out of me and without saying anything I got up and got dressed immediately and left. All the way hole I felt his cum ooze out of my pussy and as much as I want to deny it, Arun was a great lover.
It was then I realized that if he could make me cum like that when I didn't want him to, what could he do to me when I did want to. I though about that all the way home and surprisingly just the thought made me so horny that got home, had my shower and as soon as Raj walked in, I jumped him.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Peeping tom

From the window of the bedroom in which I sleep, I could watch the balcony and the window of the first floor of the opposite Apartments. A beautiful girl had just shifted to that house in that Apartments. She was hot n sexy. She looked simple but beautiful and was always clad in a sexy outfit, with features 34-30-36. She had firm boobs and a sexy ass. Her selection of clothes was superb and she looked majestic in them. Slowly I was getting attracted to her. I could easily peep through the window at opposite flats or roadside. One such time, it was 11.15 pm and I was going to sleep. My bed was just next to the window which I used to keep half open. I saw her lying down in the bed in the hall which was visible through my window. She was pressing her boobs and slowly going down towards her pussy... Ohh I realised now.. she was masterbrating. WOWWW. I was so excited and just could not believe my eyes. My cock had become hard and straight and my lips became watery.. By now, it was 1.30 pm and I had masturbated two times. I went back to sleep. This continued for a week, and I spent sleepless nights watching her doing wild things. But suddenly, one night while I was watching, she caught me looking and just closed the window. I was so disappointed. I should have been careful; I kicked myself as on that night I was so excited seeing her in that act that I did not notice myself being caught. Then many times, I tried to pick a glance but no use. She was very innocent, beautiful and hot. Every time in the day, whenever she came to her balcony I would glance at her or wait for hours seeing her making food in the kitchen. By now, she came to know my acts and was always glancing at me sideways. Surprisingly, once she was standing in the balcony perhaps in a new nightie and was looking stunning with her hair kept open. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I felt so happy and on top of the world. Next day morning, when I was leaving my house with my books for college, I saw her coming out from shop holding some shoping bags in both her hand. She smiled at me. “May I help you” I asked. “O thanks”said she. I took one bag in my hand and went to her house and dropped her. I soon began to leave out, when she said “Wait, wanna have some tea.” I said “No thanks.” With a half heart. She said “Please come on, you have come for the first time, is it time for college.” She asked. I said, “Ya, but its ok, I will go late today, no problem.” I was overjoyed. She was looking beautiful in a semi transparent t-shirt and jeans. I went inside and she made tea for us. She laughed and we began to chat for a while sipping tea. I never missed a chance to see her curves and was admiring her beauty. Soon Anjana sat next to me and started asking me about my life. She said she liked me driving bikes as she has seen me riding bikes super fast in city roads. She was now sitting now so close to me that I began to feel awkward. My cock was already so straight that I was afraid she would see it. But surprisingly, Anjana caught my cock from above the pants and began to fondle it. “do u always fantasize me, she asked.” “err… I don’t know” I stumbled. “I know, I always see you peeping at me, don’t lie." said Anjana. By now, she was getting confident and began to unzip my pant and brought out my cock in her full view. What a surprise, she bent down and began sucking it. Here was Anjana, who I always thought to be orthodox and simple girl sucking my cock with gusto. She began sucking my cock vigorously and bit my balls. As she was sucking my cock, I slowly removed my shirt and began touching her body and feeling it. As I was about to cum, I pulled her up and cummed on her navel. By now, I was standing naked and was caressing her head to toe. I bit her panty and brought it down through my teeth, tore open her bra. Anjana was getting excited and shouted, “Come on, you fucker.” I kissed her lip to lips and fondled her boobs and bit them and sucked them. I just played with her nipples and tasted them. Soon she came down and took my cock and banged her mouth into it. Soon we were in a six nine position and I began to suck her pussy like a dog, while she cummed over my entire face. Soon she pushed me down and positioned her pussy over my cock and rode my cock. I was getting excited and began thrusting my cock from below while Anjana began to shout in ecstasy. My both the fingers were tightly grabbing her boobs and by now, I began to fuck her vigorously. I reached my climax and cummed it all inside her pussy. Anjana got out satisfied and sucked and cleaned up the remaining cum in my pussy. Anjana said, “Get up quick, before someone notice you here.” I said, “When we will meet next, darling.” Anjana, “Soon, I will call you. Thanks. you gave me the freedom to do what I wanted. I love you, you are such a passionate lover.” I said, “next time, I will be more ruthless, be careful.” We met many times thereafter and had our memorable moments in the bathroom, in her bedroom, in my bedroom etc. 1 year have passed. Anjana has moved away but her memories are still with me....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Body of desire

Last time when me and my girlfriend met up and it was like two hot bodies burning with desire meeting up. I can remember every moment that we spent. She was amazingly hot and beautiful. We made love several times and each time it was more intense than before. I could still feel the warness of her body and her frangrance. She was very wet and horny. I felt like fucking her whole night. She started with giving me a great blowjob and I should tell you that she was amazing in blowjob. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a kid. My cock was hard and enjoying the wetness of her mouth. She than came down and asked me to fuck her. I took my cock and pushed it inside her pussy. She was loving it so do I!!! I pull her legs apart and penetrated her deeper. She was maoning with pleasure and asked me to fuck her harddd. She said she never felt so amazing before and she wanted me to fuck her whole night. I just wanted to keep thrusting my cock inside her. I asked her to come over me and ride my cock. She came over me and put my cock inside her pussy. She started to move up and down, I just loved it. I was pressing her boobs hard and playing with her nipples. I could see how much she loved riding me. I could see her motions becoming more and more intense and i could feel that she was coming near to her ORGASM and than I saw it all on her face. She was happy to cum. She than lied down and asked me to put my cock inside her. She wanted me to cum on her face. I started pumping her hard!!! Sweat was flowing down my body and I was in full throttle. And after fucking my girl vigourously like a rabbit I was ready to cum... I took out my cock and presented her. She took my cock in her mouth immediately and licked my cum. She seemed to love it a lot.

WOW what a moment it was with her. Full credit to her for making it memorable for me.